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Mentoring sessions

For the last fifteen years Sebastian has been working actively with business leaders, supporting organizational changes, developing leaders’ competences and processes of strategy implementation. During all this time through his work as a consultant he has helped managers to work on deepening and developing their own leadership skills.

His experience in this area includes creating individual development plans, understanding and eliminating limiting beliefs, working on habits, courage, confronting difficulties and developing healthy, rational thinking.

In his work he draws inspiration and tools from mentoring models, coaching and RBT (Rational Behavior Therapy). Thanks to the experience gained in the scope of his research and programs of developing management competences he is able to define goals, determine the obstacles, limitations and support the individual process of change.

  • Duration of session: 90 min
  • Topics: managerial courage, development, goal achievement, working on beliefs, motivation and engagement, changing of thinking, transformation, public speaking, communication and problem solving.
  • The goal: developing an action plan, strategy, problem solving, goal achievement.