How to develop trust in business?

2018-12-07T07:31:50+00:007 November 2018|

According to the article “Who Can you Trust?” by David Desteno, scientific research shows that people’s accuracy in deciding if another can be trusted tends to be only slightly better than chance. Yet, this is not because trustworthiness is completely unpredictable. In fact, guidelines most of us use (more…)

Every day kindness

2018-11-22T16:17:37+00:0031 October 2018|

Kindness is believing that the person whom we trust is acting for our own good. Kindness is connected to the attachment to the person we want to trust. When doing an overview of the various existing research you can find similar concepts such as altruism and loyalty. What is more, there is a direct link between kindness and honesty. (more…)

What is trust?

2018-11-23T07:59:15+00:0017 October 2018|

If one wanted to create an unambiguous definition of trust which would be comprehensive and contain all the key elements, they would encounter many difficulties. One of them is finding the starting point. For example, trust from the point of sociology will have a very different context and definition then in psychology. (more…)