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Sebastian’s books inspire goal setting, making changes, personal and professional development. Packed with interesting business experiences, research, history of cooperation with interesting people and practical advice for readers.

The Anatomy of Change
Sebastian Kotow, 2019

How to deal with the transformation of the world, changes in business and pace of life? How to combine a world of challenges and balance, not lose ground and yourself in achievements that do not give a deeper sense?
The book addresses many important business and personal issues. It convinces to be courage in relations with others, to tell the truth, confront inconsistencies, accept unpredictability and, above all, work on yourself daily, eliminating weaknesses and being an example to others.

Mathematics of Trust
Sebastian Kotow, 2018

When should you trust and not to trust, how to develop personal reliability and trust in relationships, how to develop teams and trust in organizations and how to build trust which has been lost. The book shows the power of trust in business from the perspective of a manager, psychologist and sociologist. Based on research on trust in business and dozens of consulting projects carried out by the author.

You decide to change, we show you how to do it!
Sebastian Kotow, Brian Tracy, 2016

People who like stability, who are concentrated on remaining in the same state would prefer not to change anything in themselves or their environment. People who are open to growth and to change are ready to take risky decisions. If they lack essential tools, they will focus on how to get them. They never rest on their laurels. This guide to self-improvement, proactiveness and development of personal competences is rich in practical tools to work on developing essential leadership skills.

You chose the goals, we show you the way!
Sebastian Kotow, Brian Tracy, 2015

The first step is the most difficult one but without it no journey can take place. If you set ambitious goals and look for support along the way of achieving them, this book will be your companion. The methods described here and strategies will save you months and even years of searching. Personal experiences of Sebastian Kotow and Brian Tracy will be your guide on the way to self-fulfillment and success.