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Sebastian gives business lectures and inspiring power speeches! He boosts the energy level of his audiences, challenges their thinking and motivates to change!

His areas of expertise are: Trust, Leadership, Motivation and Sales.

600 lectures
100 000 people
80 countries
Sebastian engages his audience, encourages to reflect and inspires to act.
He motivates the participants to action through humor and real life stories.

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Do you know 5 managerial mistakes that lower trust? Check – how to avoid them and gain high trust!

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Sebastian’s knowledge, research, practical advice and the newest scientific achievements for your organization. Learn proven principles of running a business.


Words are like a key to the hearts and the minds of the listeners. Sebastian’s speeches are insightful, engaging and inspire change. They are packed with humor and interesting stories.


Transformational sessions are a dynamic and short program – a combination of a lecture and workshops. They often include presentations prepared by the participants. A great fit for the beginning of a new project, introducing change and strengthening cooperation.


Classes conducted in the form of Edutainment are a combination of theory, lectures and practical work, as well as group process experience. They are grounded in solid scientific research in psychology of management, trust, leadership and sales.


Sebastian’s books inspire goal setting, making changes, personal and professional development. They are full of valuable business experience, research, history of cooperation with interesting people and practical advice for readers.


Together with a team of experts and trainers from the Institute of Behavioral Design we support leaders and organizations, using the latest research methods and psychological tools. In the last several years representatives of over 100 organizations from 21 countries took part in our programs.

Who is Sebastian

Sebastian Kotow – practitioner, researcher, lecturer of psychology of management at the MBA studies and postgraduate studies in Psychology of Business for Managers at the Leon Koźmiński University. Author of the bestseller ”Mathematics of Trust” (2018), co-author of a series of books written with Brian Tracy – “You chose the golas, we show you the way!” (2015), ”You decide to change, we show you how to do it!” (2016).


Years of experience



100 000

Participants of lectures



7 reasons why hire Sebastian Kotow

Choosing the right speaker for a conference, seminar or corporate meeting is an important decision to make. Sebastian has been engaged by the most demanding clients and event agencies to lead tailor-made lectures, sessions or workshops. Clients describe his lectures as “captivating and energizing”, “packed with humor, incredible stories, practical ideas” or “intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking”. Sebastian is selected by companies from almost all fields – the content of the lectures, his delivery of the message and the ability to focus on the business capacities and the human potential will work in any business. Below you will find seven reasons for which corporations and event agencies employ Sebastian and treat him as a credible and trusted partner.

#1 He is liked by people Sebastian is honest, direct and authentic. He likes people and people like him back. He can be demanding and provokes the public, but always in a kind and non-offensive way. He believes that human growth happens through relationships with others. It is important for him to enhance people’s confidence in their abilities.

#2 Emotions Nobody will be bored at his lectures. What sets Sebastian apart, is his high energy level and charisma. He knows how to reach the audience, regardless of whether there are 15 or 4000 people in the room. His presentations are packed with high quality photos, films, amazing metaphors and animations. He prepares the lectures so as to reach different types of participants. He draws from scientific knowledge, humor, interesting business cases and personal stories.

#3 Knowledge In the last 20 years he has taken on different roles – as a senior manager, expert and consultant. He has worked in 13 countries. He has completed his education in Poland, the UK and the USA. Currently, he runs classes at the Koźmiński University in psychology of management. He is the author of 3 business books which have become bestsellers. In his books he shares practical advice based on his research in areas of personal development and business efficiency.

#4 Being active Sebastian is an active member of many scientific and business organizations. He devotes much of his time and attention to developing his knowledge and skills. He is an active sportsman – multiannual marathon runner and half marathon runner (he has completed over 70 half marathons), triathlete (he has completed the Ironman 70.3 competition twice). Because of his love for sport and discipline, as well as real life experiences, he is able to encourage others to be determined, and tenacious.

#5 Context and adjustment Sebastian’s lectures are thoroughly prepared and adapted to the needs of the participants, the business area and reflect the current challenges and goals. He always spends a lot of time to get to know the context and the situation of the Client. His lectures respond to the needs of the Client but also include an element of surprise. Thanks to a special survey and interview, he is able to prepare a speech which will not only meet the expectations of Clients but actually exceed them.

#6 Experience During the last few years he has spoken over 600 times to over 100 000 participants from over 80 countries, in particular at TEDx in Wrocław and at trade conferences. He shared the stage with Brian Tracy, prof. Tony Buzan, Stephen M.R. Covey, prof. Robert Cialdini, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield. He is a highly regarded lecturer. He teaches six courses in the framework of EMBA, MBA, and Postgraduate Studies at the Leon Koźmiński University.

#7 He loves what he does Sebastian loves his work and getting to know new people, inspiring them and boosting their self-confidence, as well sharing knowledge with them. The public connects with his engagement, passion and is motivated by his energy. The combination of his various life, business and scientific experiences is a unique blend which creates an unforgettable impression and stays with the participants for a long time!


Sebastian has exceptional skills and speaking talent. He motivates the listeners, inspires them and shares his knowledge. His international business experience and achievements are a great material to be shared with his audience

Brian Tracy
Author of 70 books, speaker, consultant

In his lectures Sebastian shows how to create positive changes, how to maintain high standards in all walks of life. His message is practical and enables people to understand how to raise the bar, draw conclusions from failures and discover one’s potential, which without his hard work and knowledge would remain unexplored.

Federico Tonetti
President of the Board | LafargeHolcim

Experienced researcher, consultant and lecturer, practitioner with an academic background, valued by his clients, a sought after speaker for conferences, always in the process of learning and looking for new trends and perspectives in the changing business environment. A person of integrity and class in business as well as in personal relationships.

Jacek Santorski
Social psychologist and business consultant

Sebastian is a person of extraordinary intelligence. Committed, creative, mindful, passionate about growth and education. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious to anyone who has the privilege of working with him.

prof. Tony Buzan
Creator of Mindmapping, author of 140 books

His sense of humor together with interesting business experience and exceptional knowledge of the subject is a great asset to his audience. He is a person who is passionate, encouraging and inspiring. His energy is infectious.

Beata Pawłowska
CEO Oriflame

Exceptional speaker – open minded, communicative and joyful! I recommend him highly to all decision makers who would like to inspire their co-workers and raise the awareness of their team to a higher level.

Associate professor Witold T. Bielecki
President of the Leon Koźmiński Academy

Man of endless energy who has the capacity to create the right-fit solutions for his business partners! As a trainer, he has learned from the best. As a business person, he is very experienced. He has excellent relationships with people. World class speaker and trainer, authentically passionate about connecting with people!

Marek Rybiec
President of the Board | Skarbiec TFI

Sebastian is an extraordinary speaker and coach. He is passionate about the triathlon and marathons. He loves overcoming his own challenges.

Robert Korzeniowski
Olympic Champion

Sebastian Kotow is a wonderful speaker, engaging and inspiring (…) Our cooperation has been on the highest possible level as far as content and organization is concerned. I recommend his services to demanding clients.

Liwia Kwiecień
Member of the Board EFL

Thanks to engaging the participants, numerous, well chosen examples, the time devoted for the meeting was well spent. At the same time it was an inspiring experience. He motivated us to take further action.

Andrzej Gliński
Member of the Board | Millenium Bank


Sebastian is a wonderful support in managing relationships and contacts between global corporations. I recommend cooperation with him wholeheartedly. He is a source of support and a trustworthy business partner.

David Allen
CEO & Founder | GTD & David Allen Inc.

Sebastian led a lecture for our executives. It will stay with us for a long time. The speech was inspiring and so enthusiastic that we are motivated to act. We are very happy with the presentation and as the representatives of the biggest sales companies in Poland we wholeheartedly recommend working with Sebastian.

Paweł Komar
Vice President of the Board | Open Finance & Home Broker

Sebastian is an unique individual on the market of consultants and speakers. His colorful and original style is equal to his intelligence and knowledge. It is a true pleasure to work with him, as well as discuss culture and art.

prof. Rafał Ohme
Member of the Board | Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA)

A professional, business practitioner, wonderful speaker, passionate about he does. He is pragmatical and inspiring at the same time. He is very expressive and energetic. Highly competent. He recognizes the potential in others and opportunities for personal growth. Sebastian provides the participants with solutions which are simple, logical and can be used instantly, not to mention efficient.

Anna Olewnik
President of the Board | Olewnik | Stara Wędzarnia

Engaging recipients, well-chosen, numerous and interesting examples and exercises made the whole meeting as efficiently spend time, and an inspiring experience.

Trevor Brennan
CEO | Pure Jatomi World


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