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Transformational sessions

Transformational Sessions are a dynamic and short program. It is a combination of a workshop, lecture and the participants’ presentations. Perfect for the beginning of a new project, introducing change and new strategies or to strengthen cooperation. They usually last from three to six hours. They are carried out in groups from 10 to 200 people with assistant trainers who support the process. The sessions engage the participants to look for solutions, ideas to implement strategies and joint goal achievement. The projects are carried out by Sebastian Kotow and the team of experts from the Institute of Behavioral Design.


  • smartWAY
  • 2_ENGAGE
  • leadSYNERGY
  • trustWISE
  • smartSALES

smartWAY – Implementation and carrying out strategy

About the program

Engagement of managers and employees in the implementation and realization of strategies, generating ideas for optimizing processes, activating resources and minimizing losses. It can be carried out at the moment of introducing organizational change, systemic change, new products or services.

2_ENGAGE – Engagement of external partners/distributors

About the program

Engaging external partners in increasing sales, more efficient fulfillment of the company’s strategy, achieving quantitative and quality goals, solving problems which impede communication and cooperation.

leadSYNERGY – Developing a culture of cooperation and responsibility

About the program

Strengthening co-responsibility, improving communication skills, eliminating dysfunctions in team work, developing openness and cooperation. Participants set standards, confront their weaknesses and learn to see the strengths in others.

trustWISE – Strengthening reliability and trust in organizations

About the program

Sharing knowledge on emotional and economical leverage resulting from high reliability and the culture of trust. Participants define behaviors strengthening trust in organizations, practice them, work on areas to develop reliability and generate ideas to achieve results in a way which inspires trust.

smartSALES – Increasing sales and enhancing efficient sales management

About the program

Sessions directed at enhancement of results, maximizing pro-sales attitudes, looking for solutions within the zone of control, eliminating the fixed mindset and looking for the so called “quick fix” and “leverage” to be instantly implemented in an organization.