Very often taking up a new challenge is preceded with creating of a vision. We imagine what we will gain by making the effort to implement our new resolution and at the same time we feel such joy as if we had already achieved that goal. Creating a vision and using a visualization is frequently used at coaching sessions as it allows to awaken the motivation to achieve the desired goal.

As you create your own resolutions it is worth to devote a moment to imagine the perfect vision of what you really want and then think about the probability of our dreams coming true.

Psychologists emphasize that it is not enough to create a vision because our mind instead mobilizing itself to achieve certain results gets used to the vision as if it was set in stone. It is worth to consider the steps which should be taken in order to achieve the goal.

Working in a specific direction

Creating a vision should be easy provided that we know which area of life requires change. This might not be easy if we are not aware of what requires change.

In order to make working on goal setting easier, below you will find a coaching tool called the “Wheel of life” which helps to determine in which of the important areas of functioning we feel that something is missing and what we should focus on.