Beliefs are a carbon copy through which the reality is reflected in our mind. They are a generalized image of the surrounding world and its principles. In other words, these are generalizations which facilitate or make the everyday functioning more difficult. Beliefs are created on the basis on the events we experience. They are consolidated as simplified and automatic patterns which are our source of knowledge available at hand and they impact our emotional state. Some of them help us to find our way in a given situation and take important decisions under time pressure. Nevertheless, there can also be dysfunctional beliefs due to which the processing of information becomes distorted. If we do not see them and we do not update them, we will not be able to take decisions in an efficient way and re-direct our behavior.

The first step to start working on thinking errors is to become aware of them. That is why below you will find the categories of dysfunctional beliefs. By modifying the false beliefs, we are able to find the source of the problem and redirect the automatic thread of thoughts on the right track.