Emotion and change

2018-11-23T17:13:16+00:001 May 2018|

Every time we introduce a new change in our life we focus on a thorough understanding what we want to achieve and answering the question why it is important to us and what steps we should take to be closer to a desired goal. Mentality is not everything. Emotions are equally important but (more…)


2018-11-23T17:22:43+00:0015 April 2018|

Courage is not just a trait of all super heroes but also of average people. Every person in this world has not done something courageous. Some people dare to do courageous things every day. From the point of view of psychology, courage is closely linked to fear and overcoming it. Overcoming fear happens when despite being ill or (more…)

Self-discipline and perseverance

2018-11-23T17:30:45+00:001 April 2018|

John Rohn once said that “Success is nothing else than a few acts of discipline practiced every day”. Self-discipline is a key area of development which demands a lot of discipline, effort and resisting against natural habits.  A known psychological experiment was supposed to test the human discipline. (more…)

Taking risks

2018-11-23T17:39:12+00:0015 March 2018|

Taking risks comes up in every day conversations. You might even come across a conversation about taking extreme risks such as taking drugs and its effects about which you will often hear on TV or the Internet. Taking risks means taking the decision to accept the negative consequences linked to engaging in a given task. (more…)


2018-11-23T18:45:02+00:001 March 2018|

Colling Powell once said: “There are no secrets which help to succeed. It is all a result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” Failure is an inseparable element of human life. Many people treat them as a great obstacle to goal achievement. There are people who treat failure as a chance to review their own strategies of (more…)

Fear and anxiety

2018-11-23T17:55:32+00:0015 February 2018|

In her book “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” Susan Jeffers discusses the phenomenon we all know i. e. fear. Jeffer’s approach has been known for 30 years and is becoming increasingly popular due to its the psychological value and strong foundations in experience. The researches names two levels of fear: fear of what is to happen (more…)

A few words on motivation

2018-11-23T18:14:14+00:001 February 2018|

There are some key principles which determine whether we will succeed in a given area Self- trust is a particularly important one. The American psychotherapist Cynthia S. Wall in her book “The Courage to Trust: A Guide to Building Deep and Lasting Relationships” suggests that each one of us needs to first of all trust themselves. (more…)