Each one of us has experienced the difficulty of sticking to an action plan. In this article I will try to answer the question “how to make the step from intention to action” The most important aspect is our motivation. We might associate it only with strength which allows to increase profit or get a specific reward. As it turns out the fear of loss might actually be an equally powerful motivator. This means that to become aware of the effects of not taking action can boost our self-discipline and self-control in order to avoid them.

Another way to make us more willing to act is to work out plan B in case of a failure or a recovery system. This will minimize the stress linked to obsessive thinking about failure and in case of momentary weakness provide us with extra support.

The most important thing about motivation is taking action! Research shows that the longer the process of idleness, the more difficult it is to control our actions, and the longer we think about taking up action, the more difficult it is to start. The studies by Kuhl and Eisenberg in which the interviewees were supposed to perform boring and tedious activities for a longer period, show that it was more difficult to change the activity to a more attractive one. This means that routine activities and procrastination can impede making better decisions.

Remember that one lost battle does not mean the war is over. Each small success is a great step on the way to the top. Be patient, courageous, have a thorough plan and take action!